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Every day is a continuation day.

April 15, 2008

Every day you get a new day. So you could say that it is every day a little bit your birthday, today I am 21 and 361 days, tomorrow I will be 21 and 362 days. To get a new day is the best gift of life. We happen to believe that it’s nothing. Everyone gets a new day, every day, right? Well when we really think we know that is not true. So if we try to realise that every day is a precious gift, we will be very happy persons. We will love the day, and what happens, more. Maybe you think it is very difficult to realise that yourself. It is. But at the same time it is really easy. Look at your true nature. Is a human being ment to be living life endlessly? No, he is not. That means that every day you live can be the last day. Is that a pessemistic view? No, it is a realestic view. Maybe you think: “Well, I am a very healthy young person, I do not worry about dying or I don’t want to think about this. Or I will have enough time to think about it later.” Maybe, probably, hopefully. But when you look the truth in the eyes, when you have got that courage, you know that this truth gives your life more meaning.