De mens is verbonden met alle organismen

What is it that we fear the most? What is it that I fear the most? My true self.

April 30, 2009

Why are we, or why am I so scared of my true self? Well, because it has great power, it is beautiful. But we, in the western world, are not used to know our true self, we do not know how to deal with it or act in the way of our true self. I guess there are a few people who know their true self. We get no lessons in being our true self.

It looks like we get only lessons in not being our true self, we are busy all day, so we have no time to think about what we -truely- feel. We are busy making money and spending the same money. We live in a world that almost fully turns about money. Money is making your view cloudy, you can see no longer clear. You want to posess things, which you think will make you happy. But when you have it, you already find something else that you want and will make you happy, so you have no time to be happy with the thing you just got, you already want something new, so when will you be happy?

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